Weekly Bulletin November 4, 2018


Religious Society of Friends of Pittsburgh

4836 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Weekly Bulletin November 4, 2018

Queries for Eleventh Month (November) on Nonviolence

●        Are we working to increase our understanding and use of nonviolent action?

●        How well do we apply nonviolence to the settlement of disputes? What are we doing to encourage the use of nonviolent means to settle national and international differences?

●        Are we learning to channel our anger, fear, and frustration in healthy, creative, and peaceable ways?

●        Do we teach our children how to meet aggression creatively and without violence?

●        In our commitment to nonviolence, are we sensitive to the differing claims of the sanctity of life and the quality of life in situations such as unwanted pregnancy or the artificial prolongation of life?

Friends are reminded that the deadline for submission to the Bulletin is Wednesday at noon. Thank you.

Please submit items for the bulletin and/or the Facebook page to the clerks at this address: pfmclerks@gmail.com

Upcoming Events and Announcements

A reminder from Ministry Committee: LIFT YOUR VOICE IN MINISTRY:  With the planned renovations to the meeting room, help is on the way for us to better hear each other in vocal ministry.  Until then, let’s see what our voices can do by speaking strongly and projecting to all in the room.  YOUR MESSAGE IS GIFT AND NOURISHMENT FOR OUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.

#Love Thy Neighbor (No Exceptions) FCNL yard signs have been ordered for Friends who would like to spread this message at their home or have one to take to events. The cost was $11 each, but please don’t let cost keep you from taking a sign. For more information talk to Kathie Hollingshead. You can also download a free PDF or purchase bumper stickers, pins, and car magnets with this link.

GENEROSITY PLANT SHARE: give a donation to EarthCare of any amount on November 4th and receive a succulent house plant as a gift. We have a new donor of offspring from her mature succulents, who wants to share the delight provided by indoor plants during the winter months.

Thursday, Nov. 15, 7:15 p.m.: Nontheist Discussion Group meets in the Library to continue the conversation. Do join us if you’re interested in the conjunction of Quakerism and Nontheism! For questions, see Rosemary Coffey or email her at rosemarycoffey@aol.com.

Adult Education on Nov. 18th from 12:15-1:15: Please join us to reflect upon and discuss the “Families of the Heart.” Family connections exist in many forms, including ties of blood, affection, faith, and common cause. Sometimes they are vibrant and readily available to us; sometimes they are not. What are the connections that bind us in history, love, and commitment, and how do they impact us? Queries will follow next week. Child care will be available. If you have questions, please contact Von Keairns (yekeairns@att.net) or Mary Parish (maryjparish@gmail.com). All are welcome!

New Library locations: Please return borrowed items to first drawer of the recently acquired file cabinet. Please place donations of books or other items in second drawer of the file cabinet. (See signs on side of cabinet.) Thank you!

To receive the bulletin or newsletter by email, please send a request to ericwilliamstarbuck@gmail.com

Email for the treasurer and assistant treasurer: pghfmtreasurer@gmail.com

Regular Meeting Events

The Pittsburgh Friends Meeting calendar is available online at https://teamup.com/ks9jgbigvru2f2q9or
1st Sunday 12:15 Bible Study: We are studying the Gospel of John. All are welcome! Questions?  Contact Mary Parish, maryjparish@gmail.com.
1st  Sunday Letter Writing  Write to your elected officials on local & national issues in Library following MfW.
2nd Sunday


Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.  Attending connects us to the community and to our underlying beliefs as Friends. Items for the next month’s Newsletter are due this day, except MfB minutes and emergency items which may be e-mailed to pfmnews@gmail.com
2nd  Monday EECM Shelter Meal:  Friends provide evening meal to approximately 30 people. Contact Walter Mead (waltermead@hotmail.com or 412.856.0195) if you would like to join other Friends in this effort. Volunteers needed.
2nd Wednesday Friendly Lunch in Oakland 12:00 at the Panera on the corner of Halket and the Blvd of the Allies. Contact Debby Hollingshead for more info.
2nd Thurs. 2-4pm Writer’s Group – Share your writing with others for comments, not criticism. Contact Barra Jacob-McDowell for more information.
3rd Tuesday  7:00 PM Friendly Spiritual Healing Group. All are welcome. For more information, or to be held in the Light, see Dolores Avner, Pat Buddemeyer, Von Keairns, Nancy James, or Pat May.
3rd Sunday Adult Education 12:15-1:15
4th Sundays

10:30 AM

Meeting for Worship at Sherwood Oaks, Cranberry Twp. For more information, contact  Elinor Castle

(724-776-8307). Friends are needed to attend. Contact a member of Outreach for more info.

4th Weds.

6:00 PM

Mid-Week Meeting – Join us in the Fell Room for silent worship.

When scheduling meetings and other events, please keep in mind that the Meeting House is CLOSED on Mondays until 5 pm and all day and evening on Fridays.   The House Manager’s email is: pfmoffice7@gmail.com



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