Weekly Bulletin: February 18, 2018


Religious Society of Friends of Pittsburgh

4836 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Weekly Bulletin: February 18, 2018

Queries for Second Month (February) on Simplicity and Moderation

● Is our commitment to simplicity and moderation reflected in our daily lives? 

● Are we careful in our use of time and energy? Do we incorporate opportunities for spiritual growth and service into our daily life? 

● Do we avoid wasteful consumption and undue attachment to possessions? 

● Does our recreation reflect moderation and does it strengthen body, mind, and spirit? Do we avoid harmful practices and substances? 

● Do we practice simplicity in our manner of living, avoiding waste and ostentation? Does our commitment to simplicity bring beauty and harmony to our surroundings? 


Friends are reminded that the deadline for submission to the Bulletin is Wednesday at noon. Thank you. Please submit items for the bulletin and/or the Facebook page to the clerks at this address: pfmclerks@gmail.com

Upcoming Events and Announcements

PFM will host the upcoming meeting of the FGC Nominating Committee over the weekend of March 2. If you’re able to help with transportation or meals please contact Cynthia Magistro (cynmagistro@gmail.com)

Supporting Faithfulness: A Day-Long Workshop Facilitated by Marcelle Martin on Saturday, February 17, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm: Do you want companionship and support to clarify the ways you’re called to be faithful in your daily life, in your leadings, and in the meeting? Come learn and practice ways to support one another to attend more deeply to Spirit and the promptings of Truth and Love. Marcelle Martin, a member of Swarthmore Meeting, is the author of Our Life is Love: the Quaker Spiritual Journey. For over twenty years, she has been leading workshops at retreat centers and Quaker meetings. Visit her website at awholeheart.com.  Please RSVP for a lunch count, but if you forget, don’t let it stop you from joining us!

Generosity Houseplant Share: Saturday, Feb. 17 and Sunday Feb. 18. GIVE $5, $10, or $20 or more to Building Spiritual Space and RECEIVE a live potted plant of your own choosing, cleaner air in your house, and that good generosity feeling. PFM Gardeners.

On February 18th, Ministry Committee will hold its Second Conversation on Compassion from 12:15 – 1:30. The topic will be self-compassion, and Barry Beal and Mary Parish will facilitate the discussion. Queries to consider: Do we recognize that of God in ourselves? Are we addressing our mistakes and shortcomings in a kind and constructive manner? How do you acknowledge when you are experiencing pain, even small amounts of suffering? What day-to-day efforts can we make to remain centered and peaceful amid the reversals and suffering that are part of life? If you would like to attend the Self-Compassion Conversation and require childcare, please email Mary Parish (maryjparish@gmail.com) by Feb 14.

PFM Film Series on Understanding Racism: The second of 3 films (Hidden Figures) will be Saturday, Feb. 24th from 2-5pm. Popcorn, fruit, and soft drinks will be available before the film and during intermission. After the screening, there will be a discussion on the film’s perspective on racism. For more information, contact Joe Marchesani at (joemarchesani2013@gmail.com).

To receive the bulletin or newsletter by email, please send a request to ericwilliamstarbuck@gmail.com 

Working Group Against Racism (WGAR): On February 25 at 12:15, WGAR will hold a reading and discussion of Dr. Martin Luther King’s challenging, beautiful, and mighty Letter from a Birmingham Jail. All are welcome! If you would like to join us and need childcare, please contact Mary Parish by February 20th maryjparish@gmail.com.

On March 4th from 12:30 – 3:00 pm, Ministry Committee will present “The Quaker Way: Patterns and Traditions.” Participants will examine how our understandings of the testimonies, the inner light, and discernment have developed over time and how they play out in our own lives. We will consider how these beliefs and concepts have shaped the practices of Friends Monthly Meetings in the form of Clearness Committees and Faith and Practice. The program will be facilitated by Evan Pence. A simple lunch will be offered at rise of meeting. Child care will be available.

YOUNG FRIENDS:  FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend March 17-20 Washington DC.  Hundreds of young Friends will gather to learn how to become change makers.   The main focus will be on Immigration. Hear from policy experts, lobby 3 members of Congress and practice advocacy techniques.  More information: fcnl.org/slw

Save the Date:  Wednesday, March 21st at 7 pm at the Meeting House.  Marcus Rediker, Professor of Atlantic History at the University of Pittsburgh, presents “Benjamin Lay and the Origins of Quaker Abolitionism,” based on his book about the “first Revolutionary Abolitionist” who lived in the 18th century.  More information to follow.

When scheduling meetings and other events, please keep in mind that the Meeting House is CLOSED on Mondays until 5 pm and all day and evening on Fridays.   The House Manager’s email is: pfmoffice7@gmail.com

Regular Meeting Events

Pittsburgh Friends Meeting’s calendar is available at our homepage, http://www.quaker.org/pghpamm/index.html

  • First Sunday 12:15 Bible Study: We are studying the Gospel of John. All are welcome! Questions?  Contact Mary Parish, maryjparish@gmail.com.
  • First Sunday Letter Writing  Write to your elected officials on local & national issues.  In Library following MfW.
  • Second Sunday 12:15 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.  Attending MfB connects us to the community and to our underlying beliefs as Friends. Items for the next month’s Newsletter are due this day, except MfB minutes and emergency items which may be e-mailed to pfmnews@gmail.com
  • Second Monday EECM Shelter Meal:  Friends provide evening meal to approximately 30 people. Contact Walter Mead (waltermead@hotmail.com or 412.856.0195) if you would like to join other Friends in this effort. Volunteers needed.
  • Second Wednesday Friendly Lunch in Oakland 12:00 at the Panera on the corner of Halket and the Blvd of the Allies. Contact Debby Hollingshead for more info.
  • 3rd Tuesday  7:00 PM Friendly Spiritual Healing Group. All are welcome. For more information, or to be held in the Light, see Dolores Avner, Pat Buddemeyer, Von Keairns, Nancy James, or Pat May.
  • Third Sunday Adult Education 12:15-1:15
  • 4th Sundays 10:30 AM Meeting for Worship at Sherwood Oaks, Cranberry Twp. For more information, contact  Elinor Castle (724-776-8307)
  • Stock Donations to Building Spiritual Space and Meeting – The Charles Schwab account for receiving stock is active.  Friends wanting to give stock as their gift to the Building Spiritual Space campaign can contact Treasurer, Eric Starbuck or Asst. Treasurer, Phoebe Irwin for more information.
  • Save your stamps! Save the world! Or at least a teensy bit of it. Please help Right Sharing of World Resources fund microloans to women in developing countries. RSWR has turned used stamps into $50,000 over the years. Deposit used stamps in the orange box by the front door.

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