Weekly Bulletin April 16, 2017

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4836 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Weekly Bulletin April 16, 2017

Queries for Fourth Month (April) on Caring

●         Do we care for those around us? 

●        How do we show respect and consideration for all people, including those with whom we differ?   

●        When contentions arise, what steps do we take to address them speedily and in a spirit of love and respect? Do we avoid bearing grudges?

●        Are we faithful in keeping promises and just and honorable in all our dealings?   

●        As individuals or as a Meeting, are we supportive of those who are experiencing major changes in their lives?  

●        In our close relationships, do we assume our share of responsibility for our own and each other’s welfare? Are we sensitive to the needs of the individuals affected by the relationship? 

Friends are reminded that the deadline for submission to the Bulletin is Wednesday at noon. Thank you. Please submit items for the bulletin and/or the Facebook page to the clerks at this address: pfmclerks@gmail.com

Upcoming Events and Announcements

Students are invited to participate in the Annual FDS Easter Egg Hunt on April 16th at the rise of 10:30 MfW.

 The East End Council of Congregations will hold a meeting on Thursday, April 20, at 7:15 P.M. at the Friends Meeting House.  The guest speaker will be Michael Stanton of Open Hand Ministries.  All are invited to attend.

The FDS Committee invites you to join us for an inter-generational Bonfire.  We will toast marshmallows and sing songs together on Saturday, April 22nd from 6:30-9:30 pm at the Meeting House. Bring a friend!

Ministry Committee – Adult Ed will be offered on Sunday, April 23. Mary Davidson will share and lead a discussion of the Pendle Hill pamphlet, “Holding One Another in the Light” by Marcelle Martin.

Transportation Update: The CMU carnival is the 4/21-4/23 weekend. Some roads around the campus & parts of Schenley Park are blocked to traffic. Please allow extra time.

Earth Care Working Group – April 29 – Climate action march/rally starting at the Cathedral of Learning at 10 am (a sister march to the big one in D.C.). We’ll end up at FutureFest on the Phipps lawn–a fair for all ages with artists, gardeners, and builders showing their visions of Pittsburgh’s sustainable future. Also, participate in the communal Climate Ribbons project, where we tie one on (a ribbon, that is) expressing what we love and would hate to lose to climate change. For march and ribbon-making details, contact wanda.guthrie@gmail.com.

First Day School is in need of teacups and saucers for repurposing. Sets, even if they are mismatched, are preferable, but we will take anything you have at home that you want to get rid of. A box will be put on the landing of the stairs for collection. If you have something to give, please bring it to the meetinghouse by April 30. If you have questions contact Phoebe Stern at phoebe.jane.stern@gmail.com.

April 30: New member welcome– Clearness & Care Committee is planning an event to welcome new members at the rise of meeting and to provide hospitality afterwards.

Pamphlets and Pastries, Sunday, April 30, 12:15 pm in the Library.  We will gather to continue reading and discussing Pendle Hill Pamphlet 383, “Answering the Call to Heal the World” by Patience A. Schenck. This PHP can be borrowed from the Library; copies will also be provided at the meeting. All are welcome.

When scheduling meetings and other events, please keep in mind that the Meeting House is CLOSED on Mondays until 5 pm and all day and evening on Fridays.

The House Manager’s updated email is: pfmoffice7@gmail.com

Cirque du Spiritual Space May 13 – to build meeting spirit and solidarity.  We are a larger and more diverse group than a year ago, and we want to celebrate our new and old strengths. If you want to sing, speak a poem, perform music, or something else that will bring us together, sign up! Contact Nick Coles <coles@pitt.edu> or Eric Starbuck <ericwilliamstarbuck@gmail.com> or Chie Togami <chie.togami@gmail.com > and let’s have some fun!

The Quaker Community Fund would like to remind the community that now is the time to plan for FGC, LEYM, Summer Camp for children and even our own Fall Gathering.  Scholarship monies are available but you need to submit the forms now. If you will need scholarships for more than one of these events, please apply for them all together, on one application. We can consider one request per family per year for support.  The forms are available online http://www.quaker.org/pghpamm/QCF_Forms.pdf or in the cupboard near doors to the meeting room. Questions? Please ask any QCF member: Scilla Wahrhaftig, Claire Cohen, Dale Keairns, Barry Beal, Walter Mead or Mary King

PIIN – Sarah Bowen-Salio is seeking 1-2 volunteers to help with recruiting advertisers and donations/tickets for the PIIN (Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network) annual banquet. If interested, please email Sarah at smbsalio@gmail.com

This year’s White Privilege Conference will be in Kansas City April 28 – 30 2017. FGC is offering discounts to all Friends.  This conference has been attended by a large contingent of Quakers for a number of years.  Marvin Barnes will be attending and has offered to serve as a resource person for new attenders.  There will also be a Quaker Hospitality room at the conference and possible opportunities for local hospitality for traveling Friends. For more information, please contact FGC Ministry on Racism: Vanessa Julye at 215-561-1700 x 3066 or vanessaj@fgcquaker.org or Lena Glickman at 215-561-1700 x 3022 or lenag@fgcquaker.org

Regular Meeting Events

Pittsburgh Friends Meeting’s calendar is available at our homepage, http://www.quaker.org/pghpamm/index.html
First Sunday, 12:15 Bible Study: We are studying the Gospel of John. All are welcome! Questions?  Contact Mary Parish, maryjparish@gmail.com.
First Sunday Letter Writing  Write to your elected officials on local & national issues.  In Library following MfW.
Second Sunday, 12:15 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.  Attending MfB connects us to the community and to our underlying beliefs as Friends. Items for the next month’s Newsletter are due this day, except MfB minutes and emergency items which may be e-mailed to pfmnews@gmail.com
Second Monday EECM Shelter Meal:  Friends provide evening meal to approximately 30 people. Contact Walter Mead (waltermead@hotmail.com or 412.856.0195) if you would like to join other Friends in this effort. Volunteers needed.
3rd Tuesday,  7:00 PM Friendly Spiritual Healing Group. All are welcome. For more information, or to be held in the Light, see Dolores Avner, Pat Buddemeyer, Von Keairns, Nancy James, or Pat May.
Third Sunday, Adult Education 12:15-1:15
4th Sundays,

10:30 AM

Meeting for Worship at Sherwood Oaks, Cranberry Twp. For more information, contact  Elinor Castle (724-776-8307)

Save your stamps! Save the world! Or at least a teensy bit of it. Please help Right Sharing of World Resources fund microloans to women in developing countries. RSWR has turned used stamps into $50,000 over the years. Deposit used stamps in the orange box by the front door.

To receive the bulletin or newsletter by email, please send a request to ericwilliamstarbuck@gmail.com


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