Weekly Bulletin February 5, 2017



by Louis Suarez

Religious Society of Friends of Pittsburgh

4836 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Weekly Bulletin February 5, 2017


Queries for Second Month (February) on Simplicity and Moderation

●       Is our commitment to simplicity and moderation reflected in our daily lives?

●       Are we careful in our use of time and energy? Do we incorporate opportunities for spiritual growth and service into our daily life?

●       Do we avoid wasteful consumption and undue attachment to possessions?

●       Does our recreation reflect moderation and does it strengthen body, mind, and spirit? Do we avoid harmful practices and substances?

●       Do we practice simplicity in our manner of living, avoiding waste and ostentation? Does our commitment to simplicity bring beauty and harmony to our surroundings?

Friends are reminded that the deadline for submission to the Bulletin is Wednesday at noon. Thank you. Please submit items for the bulletin to the clerks at this address: pfmclerks@gmail.com

Upcoming Events and Announcements

Who couldn’t use some cheering up? Maybe Secret Friends would do it for you? Participants will put their name in a pool, and will both create an appreciative card for the name they pick  (keep it a secret ahead of time!) and receive a card from someone else by February 14.  If you don’t know the name you drew  – what a great opportunity to do a little clandestine research!  If you’re interested in participating, talk to Susan (or write susanloucks@gmail.com) before February 5.

Race and Educational Equity Great Issues Forum will explore the topic of educational equity in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, February 7, 7-9pm at the Church of the Redeemer, 5700 Forbes Avenue, Squirrel Hill. Fred Brown, President and CEO of Homewood Children’s Village, will be joined by Dr. Jamil Bey, director of the UrbanKind Institute, Pittsburgh, Dr. James Huguley, Asst. Professor, Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Social Work and Lori A. Delale of-O’connor, Assoc. Dir. of Research and Development Univ. of Pittsburgh Center for Urban Education.

LEYM: The Program Committee is in the process of planning the 2017 annual session from July 27 – 30 at Bluffton University. We would like to have the topic of the workshops relate to this year’s theme, Quakerism into the New Millennium if possible. If you are interested in presenting a workshop, please see the LEYM Facebook page for details and contact information to Claire Cohen at claire_cohen@me, or Dale Pratt-Harrington at dphdo@aol.com no later than February 15, 2017.

Earth Care Working Group: The next meeting will be at noon on Saturday, February 18, at the home of Wanda and Joe Guthrie, 5815 Hays Street. It will be a “soup luncheon”. You are invited to bring anything you think will be soup enhancing. This group is open to all seeking spirit-led action to address the ecological and social crises of the world from a spiritual perspective, emphasizing Quaker process and testimonies. Our primary calling will be to explore and facilitate transformation of our attitudes, values, identity, and worldview that underlie much of the environmental destruction going on in the world today.

Peace and Social Concerns is sponsoring Resilience Circles – 4th Sunday February 26th after Meeting for two hours with Scilla and Wanda. In the Resilience Circle we work together to share our gratitude,  honor our pain, and see with new eyes as we find and experience our power as a way to go forth as a group dedicated to a resilient community. We will work in pairs and groups of four, bringing our collective wisdom to the Resilience Circle to share our collective strengths and ability to act together.

When scheduling meetings and other events, please keep in mind that

the Meeting House is CLOSED on Mondays until 5 pm and all day and evening on Fridays.

The House Manager’s updated email is: pfmoffice7@gmail.com

Lake Erie Yearly Meeting recently launched a Facebook page that we’d like you to Like!  Visit www.facebook.com/leymfriends to take a survey about LEYM programming, learn more about this summer’s annual sessions, details on how to submit a workshop proposal before 2/15, and find other helpful LEYM information as it becomes available.

Regular Meeting Events

Pittsburgh Friends Meeting’s calendar is available at our homepage, http://www.quaker.org/pghpamm/index.html
First Sunday, 12:15 Bible Study: We are studying the Gospel of John. All are welcome! Questions?  Contact Mary Parish, maryjparish@gmail.com.
First Sunday Letter Writing  Write to your elected officials on local & national issues.  In Library following MfW.
Second Sunday, 12:15 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.  Attending MfB connects us to the community and to our underlying beliefs as Friends. Items for the next month’s Newsletter are due this day, except MfB minutes and emergency items which may be e-mailed to pfmnews@gmail.com
Second Monday EECM Shelter Meal:  Friends provide evening meal to approximately 30 people. Contact Walter Mead (waltermead@hotmail.com or 412.856.0195) if you would like to join other Friends in this effort. Volunteers needed.
3rd Tuesday,  7:00 PM Friendly Spiritual Healing Group. All are welcome. For more information, or to be held in the Light, see Dolores Avner, Pat Buddemeyer, Von Keairns, Nancy James, or Pat May.
Third Sunday, Adult Education 12:15-1:15
4th Sundays,

10:30 AM

Meeting for Worship at Sherwood Oaks, Cranberry Twp. For more information, contact  Elinor Castle (724-776-8307)

Want to help assemble newsletters? Robert Sterbal prints them. I go to visit and assemble. The evening we do it depends on our schedules. If you want to join us, you’ll be welcome. Pizza and games too. Contact Eric Starbuck for details ericwilliamstarbuck@gmail.com

Save your stamps! Save the world! Or at least a teensy bit of it. Please help Right Sharing of World Resources fund microloans to women in developing countries. RSWR has turned used stamps into $50,000 over the years. Deposit used stamps in the orange box by the front door.

To get the bulletin or newsletter by email, please send a request to ericwilliamstarbuck@gmail.com

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