Fall Gathering Survey

As we prepare for the next gathering, we want to listen to where the energy and excitement is in Pittsburgh Meeting. Answer any and all questions to help us learn!

What feels particularly alive or exciting about being part of Pittsburgh Meeting (or the wider community of Quakers) right now for you?

What concerns or questions, if any, do you have about being part of Pittsburgh Meeting or Quakers in general?

Please rank the following as far as how important they are to you in the Fall Gathering:
o Free time
o Thought-provoking programming
o Good food & comfortable accommodation
o Quality worship
o Activities that build relationships
o Family-friendly activities

If you have never attended, which of the following would facilitate your attendance? (check all that apply)
o More information on the event (please specify)_________________
o Access to carpool
o Better friends at meeting
o Access to scholarships
o A magical fairy to grant me two extra days in a week
o Other _________________

What advice would you give the fall gathering committee as they prepare to consider how we can spend our gathering time together in 2016?

Hoping for Light, Eric Starbuck


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