PFM bulletin 3/6/16

Religious Society of Friends of Pittsburgh

4836 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Weekly Bulletin March 6 , 2016

Queries for Third Month (March) on Stewardship
● Do we revere life and the splendor of the universe and act as stewards of God’s continuing creation?
● What are we doing to conserve natural resources and use them wisely?
● Are we sensitive to the effect of our actions on future generations?
● How can we best preserve an environment in which diverse species can flourish?
● Are we exercising stewardship of our financial resources so that we can share with others?
● Are we taking good care of Meeting property for ourselves and those who will come after us? How do we use Meeting property to witness to our testimonies?

Friends are reminded that the deadline for submission to the Bulletin is Wednesday at noon. Thank you.
Please submit to the clerks at this new address: ​pfmclerks

Announcements and Upcoming Events

If yoga makes up even a part of your spiritual practice​, this month’s Speaking of Ministry resource may speak to you! Interested in what someone trained in Eastern spirituality has to say about the phenomenon of vocal ministry? Check it out:­ministry­discernment/ ​

FDS invites you to a Fun & Games Night on Saturday, March 5th from 6:30-­9pm at the Meeting House. (Apologies for an incorrect date announced during 10:30 MfW on Feb.7.) Bring a friend, your favorite game, and a snack if you like, and play board and card games with your Friends.

FGC’s Committee for Nurturing Meetings visit is almost upon us! They’ll be here from the evening of March 17-­20th, and we need a few more things to help make them feel welcome and ready to do their Quaker work in Pittsburgh. Thanks so much for the willingness and support you’ve offered. ​Housing: We still could use at least 4 more beds for guests! Here’s the link where you can fill out your information if you’re willing to help this way :​susanloucks). ​Potluck food: ­ Walter will be coordinating food for our guests!

Ministry Committee Discussion for March ​Ministry Committee will be sponsoring a discussion after worship on March 20 addressing the question “What role do religious/spiritual texts have in your Quaker practice?” Participants are encouraged to bring a sample of their favorite text to share.

Saturday Salon: “20 Friendly Pieces,” April 2, 7­9 pm. ​Library Committee invites you to our next Evening of Shared Creative Expression. In honor of the 20th anniversary of April “Poetry Month,” 20 short pieces—prose and music as well as poetry—will be presented by several Pittsburgh Friends. Following refreshments, others may share their work in “Open Mic.” (Contact Barra Jacob­McDowell, barrabard or 412-­389-­3910, if you wish to participate in Open Mic.) Suggested donation: non­perishable food items or stamps for letter­writing in support of peace and social concerns.

Sunday April 3rd, 12:15 to 1:45pm: Jondhi Harrell, Executive Director of The Center for Returning Citizens will be speaking from his experience of being incarcerated, after Meeting for Worship. There will be child care.

April 5th at 7:00pm​ : Jondhi Harrell will be speaking at the University of Pittsburgh in Alcoa Room, University Of Pittsburgh Law Department ­ ​Do Black Lives Matter: The Impact of Mass Incarceration on Individuals and the Community.

Summer Child Care Volunteers Needed! Friends, are you thinking about volunteering for child care this summer? We need a number of volunteers to make sure that we can offer childcare for all our kids this summer. The new 2014 Pennsylvania Child Protection law requires​ all people who work with children in a paid or volunteer capacity to obtain state clearances. In order to have the clearances completed in time, we need to start gathering clearances for summer childcare soon. Friends with questions about how to get their clearance to work with children should speak with Judy Hale Reed or Claire Cohen. Information about mandatory training for volunteers who work with children will be provided soon.

F​riends are reminded that the new 2014 Pennsylvania Child Protection law requires​ all people who work with children in a paid or volunteer capacity to obtain state clearances and to report any alleged child abuse to ChildLine, ​800-­932-­0313​.

Library Book Sale ongoing! ​The yellow cart holding books for sale is now in the foyer. Suggested minimum donations: $.50 for a paperback, $1 for a hardcover book or a CD. Please use one of the envelopes provided, put money inside and deposit envelope in the contribution box on the wall outside the library. All proceeds go to PFM General Fund. Thank you!

Regular Meeting Events
Pittsburgh Friends Meeting’s calendar is available at our homepage, h​ttp://

First Sunday, 12:15 Bible Study: ​We are studying the ​Gospel of John. All are welcome! Questions? Contact Mary Parish, maryjparish.

First Sunday Letter Writing.​ Write to your elected officials on local and national issues. In Library following MfW.

Second Sunday, 12:15 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.​ Attending MfB connects us to the community and to our underlying beliefs as Friends. ​Items for the next month’s Newsletter are due this day​, except MfB minutes and emergency items which may be e­mailed to ​pfmnews

Second Monday EECM Shelter Meal: ​Friends provide evening meal ​to approximately 30 people. Contact Walter Mead (waltermead or 412.856.0195) if you would like to join other Friends in this effort. Volunteers needed.

Third Tuesday, 7:00 PM Friendly Spiritual Healing Group.​ All are welcome. For more information, or to be held in the Light, see Dolores Avner, Pat Buddemeyer, Von Keairns, Nancy James, or Pat May.

Third Sunday, 12:15-­1:15 Adult Education

Third Sunday, 7:30-­8:30 PM Friends in the South Hills: ​Meeting for Worship at Unitarian Universalist Church in Mt. Lebanon (1240 Washington Rd.). Contact person: Robert Sterbal, 412­-977­-3526 (cell) or 412-­831-­5677 (home), or Robert

2nd and 4th Sundays, 10:30 AM Meeting for Worship at Sherwood Oaks, Cranberry Twp. ​For more information, contact Elinor Castle (724­-776­-8307)

When scheduling meetings and other events, please keep in mind that the Meeting House is ​ CLOSED ​ on Mondays until 5 pm and all day and evening on Fridays.

White Privilege Conference: ​This is a large, well­established, national conference that is held in a different city every year. This year’s meeting in Philadelphia, Thursday, April 14 – Sunday, April 17 is sponsored by many Quaker institutions. The conference has an impressive list of speakers and lots of workshops. Check it out:

Retreat Opportunities​: Friends Center of Ohio Yearly Meeting in Barnesville, Ohio, is sponsoring two retreat opportunities in the next few months. “Hearing the Call, and Living in It: Travel in the Ministry” March 18-­20, 2016. Facilitated by Brian Drayton and Noah Baker Merrill. “The Discerning Community: Recovering our Tradition of Communal Discernment” May 13-­15, 2016. Facilitated by Herb Lape. Details can be found at the Ohio Yearly Meeting website under Programs,­center/​ or by calling Frances Taber at 740­-425-­1248.

Breakfast for dinner,​ in support of programs that fight hunger: it’s EECM’s annual ​Pancakes in the PM​ event on March 10 @ Pamela’s Diner in the Strip. First Seating Tickets from 5:30-­7:30pm are $40 ($50 at the door). Second Seating Tickets for 7:30-­8:30pm are $25 ($35 at the door). Children (age 12 and under) are $10 for either seating. For tickets, search "pancakes" on ​​. They will be looking for volunteers as well.

Tuesday, March 15, 5-­6pm​ for the exhibition opening of "Strange Beauty: Autoradiography from Fukushima" by the highly esteemed Japanese photographer Takashi Morizumi, marking the 5th anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. University Art Gallery, Frick Fine Arts Building (across from the Oakland Carnegie Library). 6­7:30pm: Panel Discussion: “Perspectives on Nuclear Power Past and Future,” with Patricia DeMarco, Ph.D., Zeba Ahmed, and Takashi Morizumi (via Skype). ​

S​ave your stamps! Save the world!​ Or at least a teensy bit of it. Please help Right Sharing of World Resources fund microloans to women in developing countries. RSWR has turned used stamps into $50,000 over the years. Deposit used stamps in the orange box by the front door.

Hoping for Light, Eric Starbuck


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