Query and Quote from Pittsburgh Friends Meetinf

Queries for February on Simplicity and Moderation
Is our commitment to simplicity and moderation reflected in our daily lives?
Are we careful in our use of time and energy? Do we incorporate opportunities for spiritual growth and service into our daily life?
Do we avoid wasteful consumption and undue attachment to possessions?
Does our recreation reflect moderation and does it strengthen body, mind and spirit? Do we avoid harmful practices and substances?
Do we practice simplicity in our manner of living, avoiding waste and ostentation? Does our commitment to simplicity bring beauty and harmony to our surroundings?

“Look, my dear Friends, to divine providence, and follow in simplicity that exercise of body, that plainness and frugality, which true wisdom leads to, so may you be preserved from those dangers which attend those who are aiming at outward ease and greatness. “Treasures, though small, attained on a true principle of virtue are sweet in the possession, and while we walk in the light of the Lord there is true comfort and satisfaction.
Here neither the murmurs of an oppressed people, nor throbbing, uneasy conscience, nor anxious thoughts about the event of things hinder the enjoyment of it.”
John Woolman
letter to Friends at Their Monthly Meeting
at New Garden and Cane Creek in North Carolina,
29th day, 5th month, 1757

Eric Starbuck


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