Thank you for helping Pittsburgh Friends Meeting

Pittsburgh Friends Meeting’s calendar is available at our homepage,

Nominating Committee: Now is the time for Friends and Attenders to reflect on their leadings for participation in the Meeting’s committee work for the new year that begins in May 2014. Our committees are crucial to the many activities, ministries, and responsibilities of the meeting that bring life and vitality to our community and beyond.

Members of this year’s Nominating Committee are: Ali Aghbar, Mary Parish, Darryl Phillips, Jim Morgan, Anya Moon, and Cynthia Magistro. They will be contacting those who worship with Pittsburgh Monthly Meeting to discuss their leadings and interests, but you need not wait for them. We encourage you to reach out to any member of the Committee to discuss how you may share your gifts with the meeting community. Information on committee duties can be found in the meeting’s Faith and Practice, located on the PMM website under “Paper” and a hard copy is available in the supplies cabinet and in the February Newsletter.

Friends are reminded that children who are NOT in in child care during post-Hospitality activities such as Bible Study, Adult Ed and Worship with Attention to Business, must be supervised by their parents while playing upstairs.

Hospitality: Hospitality Hosts continue to be needed for all Sundays, including Second Sunday Potlucks. There is a sign-up list located on the bulletin board just inside the kitchen door. You can also sign up at this Doodle link:

Eric Starbuck


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