Pittsburgh Friends Meeting supports AFSC

American Friends Service Committee PA Updates, January 2014
by Scilla Wahrhaftig, AFSC PA Program Director
2014 will be an interesting year for the AFSC Pa Program as I begin the process of stepping down and retiring and a new program director is hired. My official retirement date will be the end of September 2014 but we are anticipating a six months overlap of staff to give the new staff member a chance to adjust to the job and AFSC culture.
We are in the process of hiring the new staff person and the short version of the job description is listed below with an application deadline of February 3, 2014.
American Friends Service Committee seeks full time PA Program director based in Pittsburgh. Requires community organizing experience, excellent listening skills, commitment to nonviolent social change. Application deadline: February 3, 2014. For full job description contact pcohengately or go to http://afsc.org/document/afsc‐pa‐program‐director‐jobdescription.
We are hoping for a diverse pool of applicants to choose from and if you know of anyone who might be interested in the job, or you yourself are interested, we hope you will apply. To me it is a real honor to be able to do peace and justice work with an amazing group of colleagues from around the world, and to get paid for doing it. The work our AFSC staff are able to achieve in so many arenas is mind boggling. From opposing immigration detentions, fighting private prisons, calling attention to the inhumane treatment of prisoners, addressing the bloated military budget, to raising awareness of corporate greed and the many economic disparities in our society. These are just a few of the many domestic issues we work on. At the same time AFSC is doing amazing work in some of the most troubled areas of the world, Cambodia, Myanmar, Burundi, Haiti, Somalia, North Korea, etc. Bringing people together to learn from each other, teaching them skills in peace making and helping them develop skills to make a living. I find myself constantly in awe of what a small group of people can achieve. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone interested in this work.
Please spread the word far and wide.


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