Pittsburgh Friends Meeting work party

The Rakers (and Others) Did It Again!
from the House Committee
The Work Party on the afternoon of Saturday, November 23, pulled together members of the House Committee and other valiant workers to accomplish the following tasks:
 Repairing and replacing drain covers in the parking lot (Tim Field)
 Raking leaves throughout the yard (Jim Beggs, Miguel Feitosa, Bill Lefler, Steven Suarez); in addition, Betsy Bangley hauled away numerous bags of leaves in her truck.
 Sweeping and tidying up the front porch and its surroundings (Von Keairns)
 Trimming along the far side of the parking lot and along the wall by the driveway, plus bushes in front (Dave and Dolores Avner, Brian MacWhinney); tasks completed with fantasticlooking outcome!
 Picking up apples from the ground and putting them in the compost bin (Dou‐Yan Yang)
 Preparing and serving lunch, along with some kitchen cleaning (Rosemary Coffey, Barra Jacob‐McDowell, Miguel Feitosa)
 Working in the library, rearranging shelves, etc. (Nancy James)
 Repairing the wiring in the AFSC and Metropolitan Community Church offices (Chris Hollingshead)
 Making much‐needed repairs to the toilet flapper, vent, and door latch in the bathroom under the stairs, plus several additional items in the MCC office (Chris Hollingshead)
As usual, our faithful House Manager, Tim Field, provided the tools, the reminders, the instructions, and the overall support needed to accomplish the above‐listed tasks.



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