Pittsburgh Friends Meeting supports AFSC

American Friends Service Committee PA Updates, December 2013
by Scilla Wahrhaftig, AFSC PA Program Director
On Friday, December 6, in spite of snow, rain and ice, an amazing group of musicians came together at the Meeting House to play wonderful music for the enjoyment of an audience of around 80 people. The concert was a benefit for the American Friends Service Committee PA youth group as well as to benefit the victims of the Philippine typhoon disaster. We are deeply grateful to these musicians who have donated their time and creativity. We raised over $1,200 in all.
The money coming to the AFSC youth program will go towards getting the youth to Washington DC for the 4th annual “If I Had a Trillion Dollars” film festival. This festival put on by the AFSC calls for youth to create a video of what they would do with the trillion dollars being spent on the military. Our youth are already planning and creating our video for this year and it sound like it will be a winning one. The focus of the video will be education, the environment and youth empowerment.
So we want to thank the musicians, cookie bakers, volunteers and all the generous givers for their contribution to a very successful fundraiser and for helping us make it possible for the youth to go to Washington DC and lobby their Congressional representatives on our behalf.
The AFSC PA program is in its 10th year now in Pittsburgh, and as we come to the end of the year I want to thank all those in the Friends Meeting who have in some way or another helped support the work. Having the office in the Meeting House is a wonderful asset and having access to the house for public meetings makes the work much more convenient. Finding meeting space with parking in Pittsburgh is a real challenge for peace groups so it is a real advantage having this wonderful F/friendly place for people to come.
I also appreciate the people who have volunteered and helped in events we have undertaken as well as those who have given financial support. As a one‐staff office it would be hard to undertake the things we do without volunteers, so having the support of the Pittsburgh Friends has been very important to the program through the years.
Small acts, when
multiplied by millions of people,
can transform the world.
~ Howard Zinn


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