Pittsburgh Friends Meeting coming events

Fourth Tuesday, August 27, 7pm, Eldercaregiver Support Group. Providing emotional and informational support for those who are (or will be!) caring for elderly loved ones. For more information, contact Elise Yoder.

Art Retrospective and Reception – September 2-28 – Eloise (Ellie) Piper, a distant member of PFM, will be having a retrospective of her art at the Penn State University Art Gallery, 115 Administration Bldg., 3550 7th Street Road, New Kensington, PA 16802. Friends may come to view the art at any time (M-F, 8 AM.-8 PM; Sat-Sun, noon-5), but are also invited to a reception September 6, 6-8 PM.

Committee Convener/Representative Meeting: September 11, 2013. Potluck at 6:00 PM, followed by meeting at 7:00, to share committee goals and vision for our work together this year. We hope that each committee will be represented. Clerking Committee: Mary, Jo and Von

Fall Gathering, Sept 20-22. Register before Saturday August 31! Phone Marcy Luek if you haven’t already registered.


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