9 August, 2013 09:38

Pittsburgh Meeting Friends at the FGC Gathering:
“Growing at the Edges of Our Faith”
Greeley, CO, June 30‐July 6, 2013
The following members of our community (including some categorized as “distant”) attended the recent FGC Gathering: Brigitte Alexander; Dave and Dolores Avner; Rosemary Coffey; Nick Coles, Jennifer Matesa, and Jonathan Coles; Ruth Dymond, Debby Hollingshead, and Emmet Hollingshead; Chris, Kathie, and JohnIrv Hollingshead; Dale and Von Keairns; Jerry Knutson; Bill Lefler; Jerry Lynn; Walter Mead; Carolyn McCoy and Bill Sanderson; Patti Olson; Jo Schlesinger; and John and Peter Webb. [If I’ve inadvertently omitted anyone, please accept my apologies!] Esther and Brad Shaw, with Matt, former members of Pittsburgh Meeting, were there as well. We were lucky with the weather, which wasn’t quite as hot as the previous week, and with the food, which was plentiful and diverse.
Everything seemed to go smoothly, with the possible exception of the discovery that internet access in two of the main dorms was confined to the public areas on the ground floor and not available in the rooms! The children, of course, appeared to be having a wonderful time. The annual Gathering always provides a genuine sense of connection to the broader Quaker community, along with many music, literary, and dancing opportunities and the chance to explore a broad range of issues of interest to Friends. The main sour note was that one man was injured by a runaway golf cart and spent the week in the hospital with several broken ribs; he was, however, well enough to return home to North Carolina on schedule.
Next year, June 29‐July 5, the Gathering will be at California University of Pennsylvania – about 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.
The 2014 theme is “Let Love Be the First Motion.” Let’s see if we can beat the record at Johnstown in 2008 of FIFTY attenders from our Meeting!
‐‐ Submitted by Rosemary Coffey

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