Pittsburgh Friends Meeting gathering and reminders

Sept 20‐22 Fall Gathering: Journey Toward Wholeness Camp Crestfield
What’s New about Fall Gathering? Besides registration beginning today: First-time attenders receive 50% discount! And Camp Crestfield has built new cottages, where Young Friends will stay! Look for the registration table (with more information about housing, fees, program, etc.) after Meeting for Worship every Sunday in August.

Committee Convener/Representative Meeting: September 11, 2013. Potluck at 6:00pm followed by meeting at 7:00 to share committee goals and vision for our work together this year. We hope that each committee will be represented. Clerking Committee: Mary, Jo and Von.

Personnel and Building Use: Please help us keep the stairwells free of clutter! All the stairwells should be completely object-free at all times, because they are primary exits in case of fire or other emergency.

Hospitality: Hospitality Hosts are needed for all Sundays, including Second Sunday Potlucks. There is a signup list located on the bulletin board just inside the kitchen door. You can also sign up at this Doodle link: http://doodle.com/4p8ehwshgrbwknt4.

Child Care: Childcare needed during Meeting for Worship during the FDS summer hiatus. Please sign up using the sign up sheet on the bulletin board at the top of the Meeting Room steps, via the doodle poll at http://doodle.com/7u7pa3av8fb2uqry? or contact Debby Hollingshead or Gina Godfrey. 2 adults per First Day needed, please.


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