Pittsburgh Friends Meeting released friend progress report

I’d like to thank PFM for Supporting Me as a Released Friend.
Released Friend Progress Report
By Jerry Knutson
Work from June 2012 to July 2013 and future plans
Earlham School of Religion (ESR) I completed two classes in the last academic year. I had hoped to finish my degree in the last academic year, but I have to complete one more class to receive the Masters of Divinity Degree. I expect to graduate in May 2014.
I have continued to worship with Pittsburgh Friends Meeting (PFM) and the PFM Spiritual Healing Group‐‐when I’m in the area. I worshipped with Orlando Monthly Meeting (MM) and Orange City Worship Group during the winter. I also have been worshipping with the Friendsville, MD Worship Group and meditating with a small group in Oakland, MD. I have also worshipped with West Richmond Friends, IN, Clear Creek MM, IN and Morgantown MM, WV. As part of the Worship and Ministry Committee of SEYM I have visited Jacksonville, Space Coast, and Fort Myers, FL Monthly Meetings.
Dual Membership
Since I spend six months in Florida, I have asked for and received dual membership from Orlando MM.
As a member of Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) the conference planning group, I helped organize and attended the conference in Morgantown, IN. I also attended South Eastern Yearly Meeting (SEYM) Half Yearly Meeting and Annual Sessions. I attended lectures by Marcus Borg at Rollins College in Orlando in Feb. I also attended Friends General Conference (FGC) Gathering in Greeley, CO.
Additional Workshops
In July at Lake Erie Yearly Meeting (LEYM), I returned my Traveling Minute and facilitated a workshop on the exegesis of Salt and Light—based on my workshop in Kenya. I also presented this workshop at West Richmond Friends Church, IN and Orlando MM. I also helped Orlando MM organize a Jazz concert at their meetinghouse. I’m also in conversation with the FGC Traveling Ministry Program to travel in the ministry.
Prisoner Ministry
I have continued visiting prisoners at the highsecurity federal prisons in Hazelton, WV and Coleman, FL.
Master Gardener
I have become a Master Gardener in Maryland by taking classes and providing 40 hours of volunteer service. Mostly of this service was working on edible weeds.
Future Plans
I plan to present two workshops at LEYM: one will be a guided meditation on God’s love and grace and the other one will be a Friendly Bible Study on grace from 2 Cor. 12:6‐10. I also plan to attend Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting as the designated visitor from LEYM. I plan to offer a workshop on deepening Meeting for Worship for the FGC Annual Gathering in California, PA.


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