This Sunday

Third Sunday, 12:15-1:15pm
Adult Education

Third Sunday, 7:30-8:30 pm
Friends in the South Hills: Meeting for Worship at Unitarian Universalist Church in Mt. Lebanon (1240 Washington Rd.). Contact person: Robert Sterbal

Pittsburgh Friends Meeting’s calendar is available at our homepage,

Hospitality: Hospitality Hosts are needed for all Sundays, including Second Sunday Potlucks. There is a sign-up list located on the bulletin board just inside the kitchen door. You can also sign up at this Doodle link:

Child Care: Childcare needed during Meeting for Worship during the FDS summer hiatus. Please sign up using the sign up sheet on the bulletin board at the top of the Meeting Room steps, via the doodle poll at or contact Debby Hollingshead or Gina Godfrey. 2 adults per First Day needed, please.

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