Pittsburgh Friends Meeting summer child care

Summer Child Care: Children who are or would be in the nursery, preschool or primary classes will gather in the preschool classroom to play. The primary classroom will also be open, and board games will be available for primary or intermediate class students. The teens may meet in the Margaret Fell room, play board games in the primary class room, or possibly attend worship. Children who are not attending worship will be expected remain upstairs in designated rooms until gathered to join the end of worship. Children 10 or older should need very little to no supervision.
We ask that parents review these procedures with their children so that all may understand how child care will function. Those who volunteer for child care are not expected to prepare or lead any activities. For new attenders or for very young children, some engagement may be necessary to help the child feel comfortable while separated from her parent.
We would like to make a special request to our teen attenders to volunteer to help provide care to the younger children over the summer, paired with an experienced adult. Volunteering for child care over the summer will give those teens the experience needed to be hired for independent child care.

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