Pittsburgh Friends Meeting Fall Gathering September 20‐22: Valerie Brown to Facilitate Program

No matter how broken our world may be, there is a hidden wholeness just beneath the surface of all visible things.” – Thomas Merton “When we understand integrity for what it is, we stop obsessing over codes of conduct and embark on the more daunting journey toward being whole.” –Parker Palmer
From Merton’s insight, Parker Palmer took the title and topic of his book A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey toward an Undivided Life. In turn, our Fall Gathering theme, “Journey toward Wholeness,” is based upon Palmer’s book. Valerie Brown, a trained facilitator with the Center for Courage & Renewal® founded by Palmer, will lead the adult sessions during Saturday morning and afternoon, September 21. She will guide us in exploring what may cause our lives to be “divided,” and how we may move “toward integration and wholeness” and become “divided no more.”
Valerie Brown, best known to Friends as a Pendle Hill author and teacher, is also a leadership coach and educator trained at the Center for Transformational Leadership and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine Health Care and Society. Her most recent Pendle Hill Pamphlet is Heartfulness: Renewing Heart, Mind and Spirit on Retreat and Beyond. Her book The Road That Teaches: Lessons in Transformation through Travel was published by QuakerBridge Media in 2012.
Because Ms. Brown is able to be with us for only one day, she will lead us in worship sharing on the retreat theme following dinner on Saturday. Other Saturday evening events will include a campfire for young Friends (at the same time as the worship sharing), followed by a Talent Show. If you wish to sing, dance, tell jokes, do a magic act, recite, put on a skit, play an instrument, or otherwise entertain in the Talent Show, we ask that you limit your performance to no more than five minutes! That will leave time to round out the evening with a sing‐along and folk dancing.
In future newsletters we’ll tell you more about the young Friends program and other details of the 2013 Fall Gathering at Camp Crestfield, September 20‐22. Information about the Camp Crestfield site and travel directions can be found at http://www.crestfield.net. More about Palmer’s work and ideas can be learned from the website http://www.couragerenewal.org.
Submitted by Nancy E. James for Fall Gathering Committee


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