Pittsburgh Friends Meeting member Rosemary

Upon Breaking a Bone in my Foot,
For the Third Time in my Life, in my 70s
by Rosemary Coffey

Whene’er I break a bone in my poor foot,
It’s harder than it was the time before.
This time I have a velcro‐fastened boot
And crutches, which I truly do abhor.

The doctors said, “Put no weight on that leg!
And use the crutches even on the stairs!”
I think they’re crazy: Do I have to beg
For common sense? Does anybody care?

I take the crutches when I leave my place,
But stack them by the door when I’m at home;
I’ve very little pain – a saving grace –
And time will surely tell if harm’s been done.

This happens every fifteen years or so:
Perhaps, the next time, I won’t even know!

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