Pittsburgh Friends Hosted LEYM Representative Meeting, April 5‐6, 2013

The annual Representative Meeting of Lake Erie Yearly Meeting convened at our Meetinghouse Friday evening, April 5, and Saturday morning and afternoon, April 6. More than 40 Friends from various Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups attended. The main purpose of Representative Meeting is to plan for the LEYM Annual Meeting, which will take place this year from Thursday afternoon, July 25, through Sunday noon, July 28 at Bluffton, Ohio.
2013 Annual Meeting theme: “Growing in Grace: LEYM Celebrates 50 Years” At this special Annual Meeting commemorating the 50th anniversary of LEYM, several features will vary from the usual programming and schedule:
 The Ad Hoc Committee for Service Opportunities plans a pre‐Meeting work camp on Wednesday, July 24 and the morning of July 25. Participants will work with Habitat for Humanity in Lima, Ohio. More information about this will appear in the Spring 2013 LEYM Bulletin.
 At dinnertime on Thursday, an optional vegan “simple meal” will be served for those who pre‐register.
 Instead of a plenary speaker on Friday evening, a panel of four will share memories and observations about how they have seen LEYM “grow in grace.” These four Friends are Conleth Crotser, John Howell, Abbey Pratt‐Harrington, and Don Nagler.
 Workshops will be offered on both Friday and Saturday afternoons, five or six different workshops each day. One workshop will be Bible Study, which will not be held early each morning. Instead, that morning time slot will be devoted to an early Meeting for Worship.
 This Annual Meeting will not include a Teen Retreat. Instead since we’re all celebrating LEYM’s anniversary intergenerational activities will be emphasized. For example, storyteller Tom Burnett will work with young Friends on Saturday afternoon and then present stories during the Saturday night entertainment.
(Another performer will be popular folksinger Steve Deasy.) Let’s celebrate with photos, stories, interviews!
The planning committee asks each Monthly Meeting to help LEYM celebrate its first 50 years by sharing photos and other memorabilia from past Annual Meetings. See the Winter 2013 LEYM Bulletin for guidelines  and for information about the Interview Project, with sample questions for interviewing LEYM Friends. Submit photos, anecdotes, videos, etc., to Kate Enger, psychdrkate or 740‐591‐7255. For more information about the Interview Project, contact Clemence Ravacon‐Mershon, andre14 or 814‐587‐3479.
Brent Bill and the Friends General Conference “New Meetings Project”
Another piece of business at Representative Meeting was the report of the Advancement and Outreach Committee concerning the “New Meetings Project” of Friends General Conference. As explained in the Winter 2013 LEYM Bulletin, this project, scheduled to begin later this year, is intended to nurture new Quaker worship groups and meetings “where there is need or opportunity.”
FGC received a large grant last September and appointed Brent Bill to coordinate this project. He organized “consultations” of yearly meeting representatives, and Mike Holaday of LEYM attended one of these in January. Mike explained that this is a project of FGC, not of yearly meetings per se, and it is not yet clear how LEYM might be involved. He stressed that although FGC is eager to assist new meetings in forming, the impetus in each case will come not from FGC but from groups of Friends who want to start meetings. Brent Bill will be at Annual Meeting this year and will lead a workshop on the New Meetings Project. We can learn more about the project and keep track of its progress at www.fgcquaker.org/services/newmeetings‐project.
Look for Annual Meeting registration information in the next LEYM Bulletin . . . which is scheduled for publication around May 15. Consider attending, if you’re not already planning to‐and come join the celebration!
Submitted by Nancy E. James


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