Pittsburgh Friends Meeting special events this Sunday

Ministry Committee: April 21st 12:15-1:15 Spiritual Strength Training Part 3: “Being Guided by Spirit.” At the heart of the religious tradition of Friends is the opportunity for all to experience the Divine—who goes by many names: Spirit, Inward Teacher, the Light Within. In small groups and through worship sharing, we will consider queries such as: When have you been able to make a decision guided by Spirit? What supports did you have in order to do so? What supports might you have wished for? Was there a time when you were not able to follow the guidance of the spirit? What obstacles prevented you from following that guidance? All welcome! Child care will be provided. Contact Jen Matesa or Mary Parish.

Hospitality: Hospitality hosts are needed for all Sundays, including Second Sunday Potlucks. The sign-up list is located on the bulletin board just inside the kitchen door.

3rd Sunday Meeting for Worship, South Hills Worship Group. 7:30 pm
Info: Robert Sterbal, 412‐977‐3526 cell, 412‐831‐ 5677 home, robert
UU Church,
1240 Washington,
Mt. Lebanon


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