Pittsburgh Friends Meeting safety information

Fire Extinguishers
by Rosemary Coffey for the House Committee
So … do you know where the fire extinguishers are in the Meetinghouse?
Aha! We thought not! Here’s the list of the eight locations, which I’m sure you will immediately commit to memory:
Third Floor
– Within two feet of the door from the stairs, to the left, mounted on the wall in the hallway
– In the kitchen of the house manager’s apartment
Second Floor
– Mounted on a bracket in the middle of the hallway
First Floor
– In the kitchen on the wall next to the door leading to the back hall (by the trash cans)
– On the wall in the same back hallway
– Mounted on a bracket in the corner nearest the front door (next to the fire alarm panel)
– In the furnace room, to the right of the fire door within one foot of the entrance
– In the large storage room, about two feet to the left of the door
There! Now don’t forget!


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