Pittsburgh Friends Meeting thanks you for your support

Our Asia Trip
by Ali and Retta Aghbar
We completed a 5‐week trip to the Philippines, Singapore, and Batam, Indonesia in Nov./Dec. 2012. We would like to share picture of a drawing we saw in Singapore. We were struck by how the young artist had captured the relationship between peace and love.
You can see more of our pictures at:
https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104234000571145345062/albums/5834486918764177057?authkey=CLPO5OOQpZXrTQ We suggest you initially click on the first picture and then move one picture at a time to see the captions.

The presence of so many Meeting members at Leonora Cayard’s Memorial was such a blessing.
Friends were there whom I haven’t seen at Meeting for ages. Leonora would have been so delighted. She was such a faithful attender herself. Thank you all for coming.
Rusty Sweitzer

Hospitality: Hospitality hosts are needed for all Sundays, including second Sunday Potlucks. The sign-up list is located on the bulletin board just inside the kitchen door.

Nominating Committee will be highlighting a handful of committees during the next few weeks. We encourage all community members to see where they feel lead to serve. (More info available via email, bulletin board, FB.)Peace and Social Concerns – P&SC helps Meeting understand and implement Friends’ testimonies and principles as they bear upon public issues. After studying an issue, it may bring information and recommendations for action to the Meeting. It may, with Meeting’s approval, act in the name of Meeting on specific matters.Finance – The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing the annual budget and providing guidance for the Meeting in its financial affairs. The Committee meets as needed to consider financial matters and to develop recommendations.


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