Pittsburgh Friends Meeting items of interest

Nominating Committee
In the next few weeks, Nominating Committee will share descriptions of the various committees in our Meeting, through written materials and during announcements. We encourage friends to consider the strengths and gifts they can offer the Meeting and how they are led to serve the Meeting community. The members of Nominating Committee are happy to talk to any who seek to take part in this fundamental part of the Quaker experience.
Submitted by Eva Mergner, Gina Godfrey, Ali Aghbar, Mary Parish, Darryl Philips and Jim Morgan

Communications Committee Update
by Eric Starbuck
In like a lion, out like a lamb. Here comes March.
Named for the Roman war god Mars. Known for the Ides of March (Caesar beware!), the first day of spring, Pisces and Aries astrological sun signs, my birthday, and sometimes Easter.
It’s the month of an FCNL meeting, another round of Dinners for Eight, and First Day School’s Fun and Games.
There is a Pittsburgh Savoyard production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore. (Talk to me for details.)
My birthday will be celebrated March 16 at the meeting house, with (surprise!) a karaoke DJ. I’ll be 61. (No presents needed.)
Y’all come! You don’t have to sing, but you might enjoy it.


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