Pittsburgh Friends Meeting supports PIIN

Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN) 2013 Annual Banquet ‐ Help Needed! by Ian Samways
At PIIN’s recent Public Action Meeting, Friends showed up in record numbers to join with dozens of other (multi‐faith,
multidenominational) congregations in seeking commitments from public officials on key issues affecting our region (such as education, transit, gun violence and wastewater management). PIIN’s work does not stop there! Its signature fundraising event, the Annual Banquet, is upcoming in April and offers all of the same excitement as Public Action… plus excellent food! Last year’s keynote speaker, Rabbi Jonah Pesner of Boston, wowed the audience with a rousing message about faith communities following their true calling into action; Friends in attendance came out from it as energized as ever! While the PIIN core team at Meeting continues to connect with PIIN in general (e.g., ensures our representation at monthly Board Meetings), we’re looking for someone who now may feel called to serve in a uniquely meaningful way, as our point person for the immensely important and rewarding work of PIIN’s Banquet Committee. Being a point person means taking the lead in Meeting’s efforts to sell ads, encourage attendance at the Banquet, and attain patron donors. This does not mean doing everything yourself! On the contrary, it means working with Meeting’s PIIN core team and serving as our connection to the Banquet Committee to review/discuss with them where we are with our own goals for the Banquet, and to request/obtain help from the Committee whenever that might be needed.
The point person does not have to be from our core team, nor needs to have any prior experience with PIIN… it simply means following a leading for this one event, that might speak to you right now! So if you have particular gifts with ‐ or feel a calling for organizing information from multiple sources, connecting with people in a way to motivate interest in a very worthy cause for social justice, and connecting with a broad spectrum of people across faiths (Christian, Jewish, Muslim) to unite for social change… this opportunity may be for you! The need is compelling, and the sooner you step forward the better, if only to help make the 2013 Banquet  and Meeting’s presence in it  the resounding, record‐breaking success that we all want it to be!
Please contact Ian Samways or Eva Mergner if you’re interested or have any questions… and thank you!


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