Pittsburgh Friends Meeting Queries and a Bible Quote

NOTE-Queries are questions which take the place of a creed in the Society of Friends. Instead of using the same words over and over to express our beliefs, we are challenged to work out our current relationship with God in these areas.

Queries for December (Twelfth Month) on Peace
• Do we live in the strength of that Life and Power which takes away the occasion for all war?
• What are we doing to remove the causes of war? Where there is hatred, division or strife, how are we instruments of reconciliation? Where there is oppression, how are we instruments of justice? • How do we communicate to others the basis of our peace testimony? Do we join with them in working for peace?
• Are we ready to stand by our peace testimony when it conflicts with the opinions of others or with established public policy?
• How do we reconcile our peace testimony with the payment of taxes that support war? What are we doing to encourage consideration of alternatives to military service?

Queries for January on Justice and Equality
• Do we answer that of God in every person?
• Do we look for opportunities to establish personal and professional relationships with people of different class, race, gender, age, or sexual orientation? Do we avoid stereotyping people?
• In what ways do we work to change our society so that it provides equal opportunities for everyone?
• What are we doing to remove the institutional causes of suffering and want? Do we help to care for those in need?
• Are we working to end the death penalty?
• What are we doing to humanize the treatment and care of people in institutions?

Bible Quote
God takes His stand in the divine assembly, in the midst of the gods he renders judgment.
“How long will you judge dishonestly, and show favor to the wicked? Do justice to the poor and the orphan. Vindicate the lowly and wretched. Free the poor and needy. From the hand of the wicked save them. They do not know and do not grasp, in darkness they walk about. All the earth’s foundations totter.”
Psalm 82: 1-5


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