Pittsburgh Friends Meeting Fall Gathering Committee Plans 2013 Retreat, Invites Meeting’s Input

The Fall Gathering Committee has begun considering possible themes and speakers for next year’s retreat, scheduled for the weekend of September 20‐22, 2013, at Camp Crestfield. We have checked the Pendle Hill web site for workshops and teachers, and we have a few ideas. But we seek input from Pittsburgh Friends!
What topics would you like to explore? Would you appreciate an emphasis on community, on social issues, on spirituality, on creativity— or on any combination of these themes? Do you feel that we should try to build upon the 2012 theme, “What Does It Mean to Live as a Friend Committed to Social Justice”? Do you have someone in mind who would be an inspiring presenter?
(Our “possibilities” list so far includes George Owen, facilitator of a Pendle Hill workshop on “Five Spiritual Principles”; Lynette Hanthorn and Michael Brownlee, PH, “Deep Transition”; or Patricia McBee, who has previously presented a workshop for our Meeting.)
On Sunday, December 9, some members of Fall Gathering Committee will be available after Meeting for Worship to hear your suggestions and recommendations. But you can speak to any member of the committee at any time: Heather Cunningham, Walter Mead, Nancy James, Marcy Luek, Jeff Aiken, Retta Aghbar, Ian Samways, Norma Chase, or Dreama Van Cise‐Watta. Or email your ideas to Walter Mead. We welcome and appreciate your help!
Submitted by Nancy E. James


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