Pittsburgh Friends Meeting – Will You Help?

Hospitality: Hospitality hosts are needed for all Sundays, including second Sunday Potlucks. The sign-up list is located on the bulletin board just inside the kitchen door.
Parents: When it’s time for you to leave after worship/hospitality, please go upstairs and help the children tidy up. Let’s avoid leaving a mess for our House Manager to deal with.
Personnel and Building Use: Needed for Sojourner Rooms – two arm chairs in good shape
East End Cooperative Ministry (EECM): Food of the Month is Stuffing Mix -also sugar substitute and diapers. Leave in box near coat rack. EECM has a high need for volunteers. Need is up and volunteers are low. Three fundraising opportunities: Groupon (10/29-11/4), Pancakes (11/3) and dancing (11/9) go to http://eecm.org/news-events/events There is also a need for Christmas gifts. If anyone would like to take on the Christmas gift program, a commitment is needed by 10/31. Contact Tracy Hudson at 412-361-5549 x403 or http://eecm.org/volunteers/volunteer-opportunities for more information.


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