Pittsburgh Friends Meeting supports AFSC – American Friends Service Committee

AFSC Updates July 2012
by Scilla Wahrhaftig
East End Listening Project
A group of 6 adults and 6 youth gathered recently at a small community center in East Liberty to be trained as community listeners. Two of them, Maddie Stavenger and Wesley Cohen, are members of the Meeting.
The American Friends Service Committee PA is using the listening project as a way to build community, to listen to people’s stories and visions for where they live. For practical purpose we are confining the listening to Larimer, East Liberty and Highland Park.
For us the exciting part of the project is involving the youth in listening. Each youth is paired up with an adult and each pair gets to listen to two people chosen by them. As the pairs have no past association with each other it means they are listening to folks they would not normally listen to or meet.
One of the first listens will be a 91‐and 92‐year‐old set of grandparents who have lived in East Liberty most of their lives.
We are hoping that some of the youth will be interested in becoming part of the new East End youth group we are starting in the fall.


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