Pittsburgh Friends Meeting Sunday school activities

First Day School Committee
First Day School students will prepare and serve a Biblical meal on Sunday, September 30. If you have and FDS student, watch for a short list of items they plan to bring for the meal that day.
* * *
Everyone is welcome to come to FDS sponsored activities throughout the year. Join us for our Haunted Basement on October 27 (The garbage bag ghoul is always impressive.) Karaoke and Fun and Games nights include potluck dinners. You can join us for dinner or dinner and festivities. Hopefully the bonfires will have less rain and snow this year, but either way, there will be singing and s’more making. We invite adults and children to join us on Sunday November 4 for the Art Party. Come create art, or teach a craft that you know. Last year was calligraphy and sculpting. Let us know if you have a craft to share. Art creations will be sold in December as a fundraiser.
9/29 Bonfire 6:30‐9:00
10/27 Halloween Party 5:00‐9:00
11/4 Art Party 1:00‐4:00
12/15 Holiday Program Rehearsal 12:30‐3:30
12/16 Holiday Program
1/12 Karaoke 5:00‐10:00
2/3 Ice Skating at Schenley Rink
3/9 Fun and Games 5:00‐9:00
4/20 Bonfire 6:30‐9:00
submitted by Kathy Rubel


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