“A Leading to Read”

A regular column by the Library Committee reviewing books in the Meetinghouse Library
EAARTH: MAKING A LIFE ON A TOUGH NEW PLANET by Bill McKibben. Reviewed by Nicholas Suarez
Eaarth (yes, the title is Eaarth, not Earth) by Bill McKibben is a book describing the new world that humanity has created through climate change and how we could survive in this bleak new world, where the icecaps have almost completely disappeared and brutal storms are commonplace.
The first chapter of the book gives a broad overview of the ef-fects of climate change and how those effects will harm many organisms, humans included. If you have not read much on cli-mate change, this chapter will be a real eye-opener and will most likely be slightly shocking, which is probably what the author intended. He portrays a very grim future for Earth and points out a number of ways in which the CO2 (carbon dioxide) we have pumped into the atmosphere is already causing great harm to our world.
In the second chapter of Eaarth, McKibben writes about how the current environmental crisis came to be, highlighting the inactivi-ty of a number of politicians in the United States and other in-fluential countries. He also writes more in depth about the ef-fects of climate change, especially how it affects people living in third world countries.
After talking about how climate change is negatively altering our world, the author shifts the focus in the last two chapters of his book to how it is possible to survive the current environmental crisis and prevent further crises from happening. In those last two chapters, he suggests that we should no longer focus on expansion, and rather than finding more sustainable ways to continue progress, we should focus on creating a more durable economy that keeps our civilization working stably rather than rapidly expanding it.
In all, Eaarth is a very interesting and informative book. The first two chapters are about the current crisis, and the second half of the book provides a unique environmental viewpoint.
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