First Day School Art Party

On November 12, there was an amazing party that people of all ages attended. It was the third annual First Day School Art Party. Their mission: to create art to sell as a fund raiser for Doctors without Borders. They made holiday greeting cards, most of them with calligraphy, ceramics, and wrapping paper. There were also ribbon ornaments that were made by blowing up balloons, and then putting a mixture of ribbon and glue on the balloons. Then they popped the balloon, and got a beautiful ornament. Some of the people attending the art party were: Yelena Forrester, Becky Wallis, Kathy Rubel, Claire Cohen, Eric and Joy Laurensen, Eva Mergner, Betsy Bangley, Jon Webb, Beth Rubel, Sarah Bangley, Norma Cusin, Wynston and Wesley Peters, Nicholas and Louis Suarez, Farah & Sean Strickland and me. Thanks to Tim Field, who set up for the party, and to everyone who participated, and bought art.
Betsy Bangley


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