Your help is needed to provide and serve lunch after the meeting for worship. This is a valuable time for fellowship. A simple lunch is what is needed. The sign-up sheet is in the kitchen. Please submit receipt of purchase and mark it for reimbursement or in-kind contribution.
The Hospitality Committee appreciates the participation of the following Friends in providing and serving lunch after the meeting for worship:
August: Kathleen Hagan, Barbara Irons, Val Vogel, Natoka Reilly, Rosemary Coffey, Carlton Cohen, Amy Brazill.
September: Ali and Retta Aghbar, Eric Starbuck, Judy Arango, Judy Hale and Keith Reed, Eva Barinas, First Day School.
October: Outreach Committee, Kathy Stackhouse, David Kuhn, Kathie Hollingshead, Yelena Forrester, Barb Irons, Caroline Kaufmann, Debbie Hollingshead, Barb Irons, Debbie Lazzor.
submitted by Retta Aghbar

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