Have You Been to the Quaker Graves?

Have You Been to the Quaker Graves?
by Eric Starbuck
Under a rolling grassy meadow in Homewood Cemetery lie several stalwart members of Pittsburgh Friends Meeting. It is a lovely place with trees and shrubs and small groves. I went there on a sunny day recently to admire.
Section 25 is small. I spent some time walking around trying to find it, and found all kinds of things as well. There are big memorials, chapels, vaults, and obelisks. There are fresh flowers and artificial flowers. There are stones piled on some gravestones.
The meeting owns two plots of 10 graves, and there are 5 or 6 in use. Names like McCoy, Aiken, Bower, Freedman, Cayard are there. Others are available as they become needed.
Want to see the graves? I can lead a tour if you wish. I didn’t know all the people well, so my stories wouldn’t be as good as those of Margaret McCoy, Leonora Cayard, or other long-time members such as Walter Mead.
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