14 September, 2011 09:23


by Eric Starbuck

I wanted a second cat. Some of you already know Emily Cat. After her brother Peter left my domicile several years ago, a spark was missing for Emily. She became slow and placid. I decided to find her a companion from Animal Rescue League.

I asked Kathleen Hagan if she might like to come along. Like me, she has a history with cats. At the cat shelter, she fell in love with some adult cats, but I felt Emily Cat would feel more in charge with the introduction of a kitten, and besides, they’re so much fun! Kathleen and I both enjoyed a lively black kitten who had acquired the name “Bert”. I liked everything about him except the name.

After paying the fees and satisfying the Rescue League that I’d provide a good home, Kathleen and I walked the half-mile home with the new kitten in a box. I’d already prepared a room for him apart from Emily Cat. It’s advisable to let cats get to know each other gradually, beginning with the opportunity to sniff each other. I definitely wanted to avoid a “catocide.”

The next day he got out while I was at work. Emily wasn’t happy, But she didn’t finished him off. I barricaded the door and kept them apart a few more days. The kitten turned out very loving and highly apt to get into things. I named him “Blitz von Lieben-katzen”. Lieben for loving… Blitz for trouble…

Thankfully, Emily and Blitz have now become companions. She likes him more when he doesn’t get too bouncy, and she’s certainly less placid.


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